I'll be deleting this once it has been graded. (:

This blog of mine is a one fine example of a non-verbal communication for it is executed in writing rather than being spoken.

Non-verbal communication is a process of transmission of messages with minimal or without the execution of spoken words or languages. When interacting with others, it relies more on body languages like postures, gestures, facial expressions and the like. Non-verbal communication has a wide range of understanding for you have to trust your instincts because it often delivers different messages with which that is also can be sent at once.



A preview to what I wore earlier for Sunday church service. ☺

I bought this heavy knitted dress from Ms. Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums. I'll just edit this post tomorrow and add some to-know stuffs. My brain was raped by a take-home homework given by our professor in one of my major subjects. Heh. 



My all-time favorite photo! ☺

It has been almost a year since I had my first photoshoot. Well, thanks to Sophiaphotography for letting me experience it at least twice. Heh. As far as I can remember, my first shoot was took place last August 16 or 17 and followed by October 16. The first two set of photos were taken on my first shoot and the succeeding photos are on the 16th of October with the theme "Taong Manika" (Dolled Up Theme). I just missed posing in front of the camera and I'm pretty sure that I learned a lot from my previous shoots. Heh.

Click 'read more' for photos.


The stuffs I've been craving as of the moment...

My long hair. 



Before, we've been counting months, weeks and days before Christmas but now only few more hours, and we'll be celebrating it at last! Yay! We all know that Christmas is the season of gift-giving and December is the month where everything gets thinner except your wallet. Heh.

Dear Santa (whoever is reading this post),

All I want for Christmas is/are...

(Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney)



Aside from high-waist shorts/pants, sheer, lace and LBD's, animal prints and maxi skirts are my new found love as of the moment. Animal prints will never let you down and will never fade out in style! Yes, they will stay by your side until the end. Also, it is a must-have in your wardrobe as well as at least a single maxi skirt. Here are some shot that I have taken from our previous shoot for my shop's collection. I included everything as well as the fail shots. Heh. Enjoy! :D

I want to give special thanks to Bubbles for this tassel necklace. Love, love! ♥

Animal top: SOLD on Vintage Forever
Tulle Maxi skirt: SOLD on Vintage Forever

This will serve as my last post for this night! I just hope that you don't get fed up for hyping my looks on Lookbook.nu! :D



Okay, so this day is just a bad day. No, not just an ordinary bad day---should I say worst? But I'll keep it only to myself.



Honestly speaking, I'm not fond of eating sandwiches, but let this be an exemption. 

Have you heard of Subway? I bet you had. Well, it is just the world's largest sandwich chain with more than 30, 000 stores around the world. This sandwich chain is no ordinary like the others. You will be served with fresh, delightful and mouthwatering sandwiches that are especially made for you. Plus, the reasonable prices are truly a temptation to your grumbling stomach. 

 Subway Melt; freshly baked bread stuffed with chicken, ham, cheese and your choice of healthy vegetables and condiments.

Now this is where I'm really fond of: Pizzas. I would rather not eat and save my allowance to indulge myself for pizzas, especially Pizza Hut's and Yellow Cab's. Because we're still full, we decided to go for the PHP99.00 meal deal of Pizza Hut (If I'm not mistaken, it is called the Super Panalo 99 Pesos Value Meal) with which you are to choose your own appetizer, main course (either of pasta, pizza or rice meal) and desert or drinks. Super sulit, right? We ended up with Caesar Side Salad, Spaghetti Carbonara, a glass of soda and an add-on of a regular size Supreme pizza.

No, I don't eat salads. 

I want to thank the sweetest guy in the whole wide world (of course, that would be my guy, Sandino) for introducing me to Subway----my new comfort food! Heh. So what are you waiting for? Stop imagining and go for a bite! 



// US

11-28-2011. Another chapter of my life has ended and a new one is to be established. Turning eighteen is one of the most unforgettable moment of a woman-to-be in her life. Leaving all childish madness like barbies and doll houses thus, trading it with glamorous bags, signature shoes and the most stylish dresses on the block.

I'm really not into parties nor attending one (but wait, there's an exemption---only if you're a super duper close friend of mine, I might attend your party). Generally speaking, no debut party for me. Just a simple family dinner. Heh. I'm fine with that. 

When I got home from a family dinner at Libis, I saw a family size Greenwich pizza box at the top of my boudoir. I got curious and decided to open it immediately to found another solo size Fat Boy's pizza box inside the first one and got baffled then it came crashing to me one by one... EUREKA! Alam ko na kung kanino galing 'to. I opened the last pizza box and found this. ♥

Well honestly, I was not expecting anything from him but his presence since we've been going through a rough time a week before my birthday. Thank you, love. :)