Sunday; noun. The first day of the week and the day that comes after Saturday and apparently before Monday.  It is the day when most people doesn't go to work. Yes, oh yes. My Sundays are always dedicated in fulfilling my church duties and the likes (mass, choir practice, etc.).  It was also earlier that Dins was with us (my grandparents and me) at the choir practice. I persuaded him to join us 'cause we're badly in need of new choir members and off he go, go! :) After the choir practice, I am always obliged to stay behind every after our practices it is for us (church organist. Oh yes, I am) to discuss some glitches (if any) during our previous performances. Meanwhile, Dins was at the car when I was to stay last night for some discussions. Without knowing, he slid a note under my Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince book. I just found out about the note when we got home.

Here's what's written on it and how it was presented:

Expect the unexpected (as what they always say).


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