Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band from London and considered one of the most successful metal bands in history.

Speaking of the band, I am not really familiar with their works and albums. I don't even listen to their music or whatever. I just heard their band name from my uncle who's really a fan of heavy metal and that's it. Therefore, I'm not an avid fan.

But here, as you can see, my boyfriend bought me a t-shirt with their band printed on it, and I find it very interesting to have a shirt like this.

Cool band shirts like this are better when paired up with the perfect skinny jeans on your closet, and go grab your coolest boots or your Converse to make your look a little edgy. If you want to add a touch of feminine, go for that vintage high-waist short and pull some black tights.

I'm so excited to strut this shirt! I'll post it soon!


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