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11-28-2011. Another chapter of my life has ended and a new one is to be established. Turning eighteen is one of the most unforgettable moment of a woman-to-be in her life. Leaving all childish madness like barbies and doll houses thus, trading it with glamorous bags, signature shoes and the most stylish dresses on the block.

I'm really not into parties nor attending one (but wait, there's an exemption---only if you're a super duper close friend of mine, I might attend your party). Generally speaking, no debut party for me. Just a simple family dinner. Heh. I'm fine with that. 

When I got home from a family dinner at Libis, I saw a family size Greenwich pizza box at the top of my boudoir. I got curious and decided to open it immediately to found another solo size Fat Boy's pizza box inside the first one and got baffled then it came crashing to me one by one... EUREKA! Alam ko na kung kanino galing 'to. I opened the last pizza box and found this. ♥

Well honestly, I was not expecting anything from him but his presence since we've been going through a rough time a week before my birthday. Thank you, love. :)




We were really having a hard time capturing the perfect photo to be posted soon on Vintage Diaries Shop. When I saw this dress, I love the details on its back and I told my cousin, my photographer, that at least we could try something new, like I'll be spinning and she'll capture me that way. The unbearable part here is, I'm getting dizzier each time I spun around and she hasn't shot a single perfect photo to be posted on her next shop's collection. Well, here are some of the selected shots I want to share to you. What do you think? :D

Dress: Vintage Diaries
Bow belt: Own closet