Honestly speaking, I'm not fond of eating sandwiches, but let this be an exemption. 

Have you heard of Subway? I bet you had. Well, it is just the world's largest sandwich chain with more than 30, 000 stores around the world. This sandwich chain is no ordinary like the others. You will be served with fresh, delightful and mouthwatering sandwiches that are especially made for you. Plus, the reasonable prices are truly a temptation to your grumbling stomach. 

 Subway Melt; freshly baked bread stuffed with chicken, ham, cheese and your choice of healthy vegetables and condiments.

Now this is where I'm really fond of: Pizzas. I would rather not eat and save my allowance to indulge myself for pizzas, especially Pizza Hut's and Yellow Cab's. Because we're still full, we decided to go for the PHP99.00 meal deal of Pizza Hut (If I'm not mistaken, it is called the Super Panalo 99 Pesos Value Meal) with which you are to choose your own appetizer, main course (either of pasta, pizza or rice meal) and desert or drinks. Super sulit, right? We ended up with Caesar Side Salad, Spaghetti Carbonara, a glass of soda and an add-on of a regular size Supreme pizza.

No, I don't eat salads. 

I want to thank the sweetest guy in the whole wide world (of course, that would be my guy, Sandino) for introducing me to Subway----my new comfort food! Heh. So what are you waiting for? Stop imagining and go for a bite! 


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