My all-time favorite photo! ☺

It has been almost a year since I had my first photoshoot. Well, thanks to Sophiaphotography for letting me experience it at least twice. Heh. As far as I can remember, my first shoot was took place last August 16 or 17 and followed by October 16. The first two set of photos were taken on my first shoot and the succeeding photos are on the 16th of October with the theme "Taong Manika" (Dolled Up Theme). I just missed posing in front of the camera and I'm pretty sure that I learned a lot from my previous shoots. Heh.

Click 'read more' for photos.

I was planning to make a modelling portfolio, unfortunately I was not given the ample time to meet up with different photographers and the like. Papa Win, when will I see you again? ☹ Anyway, enjoy! (To view the complete set of photos for the themed shoot, click here or here)

Do I look like a serial killer, sir? 

Win Ferrer

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