Okay, so this day is just a bad day. No, not just an ordinary bad day---should I say worst? But I'll keep it only to myself.

To bury the bad mood, I finally decided to blog about this look that is already posted and available on my online shop, Vintage Forever. On this look, I am selling the leopard print for only PHP300.00. Yes, you read it right! The print is very versatile for all different styling. Plus, the fabric is comfortable that you can go wherever and whenever without looking too furious about the feeling you get when the weather suddenly changes. 

Normakamali, does this sounds familiar to you guys? :\

As for the chic cardigan, this would be appearing on my cousin's online haven---Vintage Diaries. But hey, I'm planning to buy it already so, sorry girls. Heh. Sorry for being a bit mean. The fabric of this is like woven cotton or whatever, what I know is that it wraps you gently and doesn't give you the feeling of uneasiness.

What I liked the most in this look is the tassel necklace I bought from Bubbles. Hand-made baubles for every fashion slave and chic out there. Want it? Visit them @ Bubbles Fan Page.

Please share some love! ♥

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