Not feeling very talkative lately. I'm missing someone. ☹ Anyway, I just decided to post another look from my shop. Visit Vintage Forever! ☺



We had a photo shoot earlier for my cousin's and mine's online shops upcoming collections earlier this afternoon. When we came up with this lace top, I feel a bit attached with it and I requested if we can do some shots while I'm making a scene on the ground. Haaah. ☺ Just joshing. Enjoy! ♥



Impromptu self shots. A table and a stack of books used as a tripod. Canon Powershot G11. Bad hair.


// 2012

Well, today I was spinning with no direction, but I'm not going to elaborate the thoughts anymore. Sorry for posting these photos so late. I really had no time going online and running through a quick blog post at the moment because I've got some stuffs to do at school like designing the whole costume of each character for our upcoming Sophomore's musical.

Click 'read more' fore more photos. Have fun! ☺