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Well, today I was spinning with no direction, but I'm not going to elaborate the thoughts anymore. Sorry for posting these photos so late. I really had no time going online and running through a quick blog post at the moment because I've got some stuffs to do at school like designing the whole costume of each character for our upcoming Sophomore's musical.

Click 'read more' fore more photos. Have fun! ☺

Just a photo of me, my sister and my lovely cousins after making the sushi. ☺

The final product.

New Year's Eve. ♥ They were trying to light their firecrackers to form a light streak of "2012" while I was steady waiting with a camera on the tripod to take pictures of it. Unfortunately, the firecrackers didn't work and the latter were victims of fake firecrackers. Poor kiddos. 

Just trolling. *insert troll/meme faces here* Heeh.

So, here are some of the photos but just enjoy the few snapshots and more to follow! Lastly, I want to greet everyone a happy new year! Better be late than never, right? I have to hit the sack now for I've been depriving myself of sleep since Christmas vacation has started. 

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