February 14. Tuesday. Valentine's Day. My aunt's birthday.

Today, I'm feeling less frantic. Spinning like a carousel with no specific direction. Baffled with thoughts; consumed with rotten emotions. Intense crimson fire flows through my entire being causing my moods to shift without any ado. For today, I breathe, I laugh, and live just like any other day. 



Post-anniversary celebration; just the two of us. My boyfriend called for reservation last Thursday, February 2, so we would be dining there by Feb. 6, Monday, a day before our anniversary, but ended up pigging out just this Saturday. We've been trying out different bistros since we don't want to get fed up with the same restaurants we've been dining for the whole time we've been together. And yes, we're always on the go with restos that challenge our ravenous stomach. Wait, what? Is that the right word? Well, anyway going back, by the time we got there, the queue was truly unbelievable and we waited for like 1-2 hours before we get in and be seated, plus the striking sun will make your day complete (Haah. Sarcastic blogger will always be sarcastic). But you know, the long line is worth the wait.



Just a quick blog post because I'm feeling so away from my blog already. Last night, we celebrated our former college classmate's 18th birthday somewhere in the city and I just wanted to share some photos on my cam (yep, just 'some' because I was busy smiling at other's cameras while mine was left hanging on my wrist. Haha) ☺



Tomato Kick; UP Village.

Tomato Kick is one of the most popular dining haven at Maginhawa Street in UP Village. Their mouth-watering dishes in affordable prices plus the distinctly artsy, hippie good vibe attracts students, nearby residents and pig-outers to dine in here.