Post-anniversary celebration; just the two of us. My boyfriend called for reservation last Thursday, February 2, so we would be dining there by Feb. 6, Monday, a day before our anniversary, but ended up pigging out just this Saturday. We've been trying out different bistros since we don't want to get fed up with the same restaurants we've been dining for the whole time we've been together. And yes, we're always on the go with restos that challenge our ravenous stomach. Wait, what? Is that the right word? Well, anyway going back, by the time we got there, the queue was truly unbelievable and we waited for like 1-2 hours before we get in and be seated, plus the striking sun will make your day complete (Haah. Sarcastic blogger will always be sarcastic). But you know, the long line is worth the wait.

Height: 5 inches
Width: 4 inches
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Best Consume: 6 mins.
Calories: Why on Earth would you still effin' care about this?


Bun, 2 slices of spam, bacon, patty, overflowing cheese, patty with cheese, another patty with cheese, tomatoes, fresh lettuce and bun.

Queue; things I hate.

No fuss, no make-up. So pale and ugly. 

Inspired by Sandino's big sister; Sonata. ♥


My left overs. :(
Oversized top; thrifted. Vintage bag; thrifted.

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