A Chorus Line (March 20, 2012). Spot me wearing a blue jersey top & pink tights.

It took me light years to blog again. Well, I've been such a busy girl doing serious stuffs at school, of course, to make my boulevard of dreams come true. Ha! Why so serious? I'm just kidding. It's just that I've been burying my face on books not on Facebook and spending almost the entire day reviewing my notes and doing some paper works that I, eventually, find it hard to blog in between of those days of haste. 

Can you still remember when I told you that I will be designing the whole wardrobe of a musical production? I hope you do so. This was the outcome of my blood and sweat.



For those who were asking if I have an Instagram, well yes I have. Feel free to follow me! ☺ my username is shannengoco.  You'll have the idea on what my muses are. Though as much as I can, I document my life on series of photographs. Here are some of them!



Sorry for the unannounced blogging break. I was really, really busy these past few days at school due to our Freshmen-Sophomores musical and also to some other stuffs like hell works. I've been marshaling an attempted blog post last week but my schedule won't really permit me doing so. Anyway, I've been dying to share this to you, guys. So.. Enjoy! ♥