Top and pants from secondhand store, necklace and bangles from H&M, shoes from asianvogue.

This is what I wore at Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball. Please pardon the blurry photos, I think my sister's hands are pasmado. Haha ☺ Anyway, I just want to give credits to my shoes because without the extra added height, I won't be able to enjoy Lady Gaga's concert.

P.S.: I was standing the whole time and my feet didn't even suffer that night! Miraculous babies. Thank you, Asianvogue!

Guess who I ambushed on the comfort room before the concert? Haah. It's just that... IT'S NOW OR NEVER! Thank you Ms. Lissa (@lissakahayon)!


"I'm just a holy fool, oh baby, it's so cruel
but I'm still inlove with Judas, baby." ♪

Okay guys, I was so stoked when my lil bro offered me tickets to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball because he had nothing to do with it.

I want you to know guys that I really cannot afford a single Patron ticket which is worth 15,000++. Going back, my brother offered me a free Patron ticket which is sponsored by SMART . It's a Patron, hey! So, I had a mini heart attack and it took couple of time for the thought to sink in my mind. I actually slap myself hard just to prove that I wasn't really dreaming. Haah.

Moving on.. I finally got to attend Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball on May 21, 2012. I was only 2 meters (approx) away from her. 


Lady Gaga is such an inspiration, though I openly know that there millions of douche bags who are against her. She gave a short inspirational speech on self-empowerment and the people cheered & felt more motivated and inspired. Another thing, she performed Judas and I didn't turn into a whatever satanic creature. ☺

Another thing, the DJ who blasted the night before the concert officially starts got my heart infatuated.


I want to thank SMART Communications (@SMARTCares) and Ms. Abbie Real of Smart Comm for making it happen. I never thought that my wildest dream would ever come true! Ms. Abbie, if you're reading this, I want to thank you from the bottom-est part of my heart. Thank you so much! ♥

"Put your paws up,
'cause you were Born This Way, baby." ♪