So this is what I wore earlier at school---lazy outfit. Last night while I was prepping up for a church performance, I just grab whatever piece my hand can reach because I was so effing tired and I badly need some decent sleep lately, which life as a student deprives me as of now. So, yeah, I hope you like it though plain and simple. ☺

Btw, kudos to my classmate Nori for taking my pictures and to that random guy who magicked my camera's settings and took a good portrait shot of me, but accidentally deleted it. *Aww* Haha. I wish I would spot on you again next week. lol

Illusion of the day: pants or maxi skirt? ☺

White top and wide-leg pants both from second-hand stores, sandals from Tribal, Carrier by Timex watch hand-me-down from grandmother, Prada bag from mother.

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