It's still 90 days until my birthday, you might be wondering why am I posting a wishlist this early. Well, please be not surprised. I decided to post this to serve as an inspiration for me to save up money out on my daily allowance from school and also for you, those who have the heart of Santa Claus, be aware of what I'm lusting wishing for months. Months with the s.

Jeans from Motel Rocks, top, blazer and spiked slippers from Sheinside, spiked bracelet, Casio Mini Digital watch and envelope clutch from Asos, and circle shades

Okay, I have this obligatory-but-not-interesting-thing-to-share with you guys. That particular Jordan Jeans from Motel Rocks, with which I have literally dreamt for three nights, is on the top of my list. Another is that, about the watch. I bet you're already aware (if you're stalking me on Twitter) that I'm a total sucker for vintage watches and that I just bought my latest Casio watch a few weeks ago. You might also be wondering why I still have to buy another... Well, it's gold and vintage. Do I need to say more?







Dang it! Sorry for the late post, I fell asleep on the process. Sorry guys! ))): Anyway..

1. That extra-ordinary feeling when you're with the one you love. 
2. Portrait by a  friend.
3. Meet my crazy boyfriend: Sandino.
3. This is probably the (most) *insert word here*(-est) stolen shot he did. He really like playing with my facial reactions.

Moving on, I got the winner of the leopard print jacket! I had to pick another winner because the previously picked winner wasn't a follower of this blog. Aww, snap! Going back.. The winner is..

*Insert drum roll*

Congratulations, Maxine! ♥
Check your inbox, lovie. Thanks for joining, ladies! Don't worry, you can still push your luck on my other giveaway. Have you join already?

Goodnight! xx



Blazer from H&M, diy galaxy tank top, pants from secondhand store, spike bracelet c/o House of Jeroy and Casio watch c/o grandfather.

Photos by Sandino.

Okay just one quick post about what I wore yesterday before heading out. If you can still remember, I did a post about doing this hand-painted galaxy tank top here. Finally I got a chance to wear it out yesterday! What can you say about it? Drop some comments below and let me know! Before saying good-bye, I want to give kudos to my boyfriend for learning how to handle my camera so fast, though he still has a lot to learn. Heeh. Hope you had a great weekend, lovies! Bye!

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1. Best burger I have ever had in my life!!!!! Ever!! I swear that you cannot finish that burger alone. I swear. (Zark's Burgers)
2. His and hers. 
3. Teaser for my outfit today. Can't wait to show you the rest of my photos!

Binge eating competition day. Let's forget about the calories and everything. 



Button-down and high waist pants from secondhand store, Coach ballet flats and Marc by Marc Jacobs tote bag c/o mother.

Photos by Markko R. and Sandino L.

This is what I actually wore yesterday (08/17). Since I don't have any class yesterday, my college friends invited me to join them and spend time at the park. The weather was perfect and we ended up having a mini photoshoot! Heeh ☺ Another thing that made this day perfect is that we finally get to spend together again perfectly. 


Photos by Romeo N., Nadine Z., and Markko R. Cheers guys!



1. How I love this place! It was my first time to visit such and I felt immediate attachment to the serenity and calmness of the place.
2. Me and my boyfriend. (I've finally convinced him to do this and for me it's an achievement! Haah)
3. You see, that's my lovely friend. She's Jennifer. (I'll post more photos of my college friends soon)
4. My boyfriend is playing and experimenting and learning with my camera. I decided to teach him how to do some outfit shots and the likes. Wait a minute, brows looking wild in there! Hang on, I need to fix that soon. Real soon.

Photos by me, Romeo N., and Sandino.
Post processing by me.



Photos from MinkPink Global 2012 Collection

This phase of life is a struggle. This lust for shoes, clothing, etc will burn my pocket to ashes. I. Must. Fight. I don't want to die poor. xx



Top from secondhand store, skirt gift from mom, socks from SM Dep't store, Doc Martens from secondhand store. 

Photos by Kate R.

All I hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop. ♪ Okay, this outfit post is a bit overdue. I wasn't able to post this yesterday because we got no internet connection (Okay, I feel loser at this point. Kidding!). This is what I wore to church last Monday. ☺

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