It's still 90 days until my birthday, you might be wondering why am I posting a wishlist this early. Well, please be not surprised. I decided to post this to serve as an inspiration for me to save up money out on my daily allowance from school and also for you, those who have the heart of Santa Claus, be aware of what I'm lusting wishing for months. Months with the s.

Jeans from Motel Rocks, top, blazer and spiked slippers from Sheinside, spiked bracelet, Casio Mini Digital watch and envelope clutch from Asos, and circle shades

Okay, I have this obligatory-but-not-interesting-thing-to-share with you guys. That particular Jordan Jeans from Motel Rocks, with which I have literally dreamt for three nights, is on the top of my list. Another is that, about the watch. I bet you're already aware (if you're stalking me on Twitter) that I'm a total sucker for vintage watches and that I just bought my latest Casio watch a few weeks ago. You might also be wondering why I still have to buy another... Well, it's gold and vintage. Do I need to say more?

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