I've been wanting a studded denim vest for quite some time now. I've seen a lot of studded denim dressing but this way of studding really got me. My craze for studded denims crashed when it came to me that I can't even source where to buy studs, of course, the most essential material you need in making projects like this. I Google-d and Google-d until I stumble upon this certain website which offers high quality studs and spikes and I got hopes! I got my studs from Studs and Spikes, though you can source cheaper stuffs on Ebay and Etsy (if you're willing to risk your card) ☺ Anyway, let's get started then!

Denim jacket turned to vest from secondhand store and English cone studs from Studs and Spikes

Start cutting off the sleeves of your old denim jacket, if you want to turn it to a vest.

Fray it like there's no tomorrow!! 

Poke the prongs of the studs right through the denim. I used butter knife in pressing the prong to hold the stud in place. Repeat this same process and carefully work your way on the other side of the vest.

Voila! ♥

What do you think of the denim vest? Let me know and leave your thoughts in the comment box below!


  1. AH! This is so awesome, I've been wanting a denim vest for ages too, and this is so much better than spending extreme amounts of money on a vest from a shop that I could make myself! Best D.I.Y ever!

  2. Ate where did you get those pins or studs?