May 16, 2012. Most Favorite Shoephoric Contest. Can you still remember when I was asking for five votes from you, guys, every day? That we did it until the end? Well, thanks to your votes. I was hailed as the most Favorite Shoephoric and given the privilege to select and own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell worth $250! (:

(My shoes was held at the customs for three months. ): I was really, really sad about it)

Fast forward... September 29, 2012. Saturday. This is it. I am beyond ecstasy. Sorry for my lack of words, but I can't really describe what I'm feeling up to this moment I'm typing this. Just.. just try to think of the right word(s). 

I was actually trying the spikes and randomly decided to prick my finger. Hahahaah 

Meet Ms. Irene Hilario of Shoephoric. She's the one getting in touch with me on the whole process of waiting for the custom to release my shoes. ☺ (Ms. Ann Jacobe wasn't able to come because she has to attend meetings. I'm very sad about this part. ): I was hoping to glimpse on her shoes!) Anyway, I want to thank Ms. Ann for having such giveaways; hope that Shoephoric will keep on inspiring other girls with same interest and passion on shoes; and also, you, guys, for voting for me. ☺ Thank you so much!

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