DIYed inverted cross velvet tank top, tailored velvet pants, Parisian slippers and Casio watch
My haircut was done at Headzone, Trinoma

I've finally got the chance to take my DIY-ed velvet tank out! (You can see the tutorial by clicking here. ☺) Going back, here's what I wore to school earlier but of course, incorporated with a blazer. And.. I finally got my haircut! It seems that I can't wait for November, and I find time earlier to meet my hairstylist. So, there I have it.

(I'm really sorry for the poor photos; it's just that my lil bro still doesn't know how to use my camera. It only means I should buy a fixed lens. xx )



Fur jumper and floral high waist shorts  from secondhand store, socks from SM Department Store, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike from Solestruck c/o Shoephoric and Calvin Klein clutch.

Heya! Just a quick post before leaving the house. Well, this is what I'm supposed to wear on today's PFW, unfortunately, I got church duties and it's really hard to choose between them. Anyway, I hope you are all liking my suppose-to-be-look. ☺ Bye!




Superb. Yes, very. Once I had my own white room, I'll put this on a wall. Swear. This box comes with a story inside. ☺

My Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Black/Silver! (I'm being possessive over these booties!) It's been my dream for ages, to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and these as my first are beyond incredible! They are super comfortable to walk on and true to size, though I have read reviews before that they run a little bit big, but for me it fits so well. It's just that, we're really meant to be. They even come with extra spikes just in case you lose some, though the shoes came with a lot of padding so none of the spikes will fall off.



According to the box, ever since the first day of April 1960, when Dr. Martens boots first rolled off the production line and onto the feet of postmen, policemen and everyday workers, their reputation for durability has become footwear folklore. There are over 100 million pairs later, their belief in making things to last is as strong as it's ever been.

Hi, guys! Shown here are my Docs from Dr. Martens' previous August Share Your Style competition. You might be asking my choice of shoes, why I didn't pick boots or anything from the Agyness Deyn collection. Well, I just want to keep things simple and if you knew me very well, I'm a total sucker for vintage stuffs!

Few days after I received my Docs, I got a notice from the post that there's a parcel for me. I really had no idea by that time on what's in the parcel. Really. I headed out and got this! ☺ (The flash drive didn't come along with the shoe box, so I was really surprised to find that they sent me this!)

I want to thank Dr. Martens for believing that I'm one of the best styled individual on their August competition. Also, thank you Simon for keeping in touch with me via email! Thank you so much guys! Hugs!



© Shannen Goco

In fact, man’s oldest spiritual quest was to perceive his own entanglement, to sense his own interconnection with all things. He has always wanted to become ‘one’ with the universe... to achieve the state of ‘at-one-ment.’
- The Lost Symbol


Shirt from Switch Nation c/o Dino, secondhand pants Parisian slippers.

I just love the place, especially on less-crowd days. Would you like to have a walk with me?



Happy birthday, my love! We've been celebrating your birthday for three years now. I'm thanking your parents for bringing you in to this world! I love you!