According to the box, ever since the first day of April 1960, when Dr. Martens boots first rolled off the production line and onto the feet of postmen, policemen and everyday workers, their reputation for durability has become footwear folklore. There are over 100 million pairs later, their belief in making things to last is as strong as it's ever been.

Hi, guys! Shown here are my Docs from Dr. Martens' previous August Share Your Style competition. You might be asking my choice of shoes, why I didn't pick boots or anything from the Agyness Deyn collection. Well, I just want to keep things simple and if you knew me very well, I'm a total sucker for vintage stuffs!

Few days after I received my Docs, I got a notice from the post that there's a parcel for me. I really had no idea by that time on what's in the parcel. Really. I headed out and got this! ☺ (The flash drive didn't come along with the shoe box, so I was really surprised to find that they sent me this!)

I want to thank Dr. Martens for believing that I'm one of the best styled individual on their August competition. Also, thank you Simon for keeping in touch with me via email! Thank you so much guys! Hugs!

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