V-neck top from Divided by H&M, cosmic print blazer from House of Jeroy c/o Jeroy Balmores, structured mini patent bag from Forever 21 (same here) and ballet flats from H&M.

Just a quick post about today's outfit. Do you like my cosmic print blazer? Heeh. Anyway, sorry but I got to run a bit early tonight. I have early morning class at the university tomorrow. Bye!

P.S.: Giveaway winner will be announced on Sunday night. I still have to finish papers due on Saturday. Sorry! xx



Floral crop top with faux leather collar from H&M, high waist skirt from secondhand store, and slippers from Parisian.

I'm sorry for the late post, guys. As usual, this is what I wore to school last Saturday. I honestly don't know what to wear to school this day that I ended up consuming an hour and a half staring on my closet. I literally tried everything on and it felt like "it doesn't look good on me"----so I ended up wearing this. Anyway, I have to cover my eyes on the first photo because it's kinda puffy. Heeh.

Have a great week ahead! ☺



... And then there she stood perplexed—astonished on how fast it went. She's trying to find the right words to say. But that's the problem; she can't find words suited for this kind of emergency—unless it's expected. It seems words are lost, even her voice. Someone has taken her courage, and it felt like she's plunged into an abyss.

She let go of her reservations.

He kissed her.

As soon as his lips met hers, her heart started beating frantically. The taste she once knew now lingers on her being.

This she will never forget: a kiss that sets hearts charred on fire.




All from Motel Rocks. See the rest of my board on Pinterest here.

Have you been nice or naughty this year? Whatever your answer is, you deserve to get yourself some sweet treats! Why not let your eyes feast for a moment on Motel Rocks lust-worthy items? I'm pretty sure it's super lovely! (Wait, should "lovely" be the word? Beyond lovely, I suppose) I've pinned some on my Pinterest board, you might want to check it out and drool over it.

To my lovely readers, here's something for you! Ho! Ho! Ho!



DIYed galaxy print loose tank top, blazer from Divided by H&M, maxi skirt from Seventeen c/o Cinderella and slippers from Parisian

As you should know, I'm trying to ditch my all-black outfit by slightly adding some colors. Though I should admit that I'm finding it hard to get rid of the color black totally, mainly for the reason it's my favorite color. Anyway, this is what I wore to school yesterday. I still get a lot attention with this garb, maybe because the typical get-up of students are jeans, t-shirts and sneakers, and they're not used to seeing something new. Loljk 



Color block button down from secondhand store, tailored velvet pants, braided messenger bag from H&M c/o my cousin Monique, flats from Mootsies Tootsies and Casio watch

I ditched my usual all-black-outfit and decided to sport some color blocking on my class last Saturday. To tell you guys, my button-down shirt was, so far, the most attention-whore-looking top I've worn to school lately. On a happy note, I enjoyed the attention I received. Haah.