Christmas is now fast approaching. Almost all human beings in the corners of the world have already enlisted the things they wanted to get or receive in Christmas, whether be it a material or non-material gift. We all know that Christmas is the season of gift-giving and December is the month where everything gets thicker except your wallet. Bad-ass, heh. 

Dear Santa (everyone reading this post),

All I want for Christmas is/are...

(Topshop, Topshop, Romwe)

Velvet here, velvet there.. They're literally everywhere! I am really, really, really getting myself of these velvet skirts. I assume everyone knows how one would look beautiful in dressing velvet. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a good-tailored velvet pantsuit (or I'll just ask a tailor to do it)

(Jeffrey Campbell, T.U.K)

Creepers! I know I'm late to the trend (and that's probably for sure), but I'm not after the trend at all. I think these shoes are made with so much character, and I think they are so awesome or even beyond! I already placed an order at Asian Vogue on this creeper (and now, I am broke as hell). I have to settle for less because I already splurged almost PHP 8,164.00 (estimated in dollars: $204.10) on apparel and accessories and shoes! I believed that's too much for a student like me. 

(The Little Black Book of Style, The Teen Vogue Handbook, 50 Shades Trilogy)

I always see to it that whenever I leave the house, I always have a book with me. Good books are great travel companion. I am currently reading the Dead Is series by Marlene Perez. Luckily, Dino's sister  and I share the same passion on books. ☺ Wait,does anyone wants to suggest good books? 


I assume that you are aware how I die for gold watches, especially Casio. I don't think I need to say more. Just feel me and feed my never-ending lust on this model.

(UNIF Hellbounds)

Please don't get me wrong, I've been a very, very, very good girl all year. This lust-worthy and eye-porn shoes are totally a staple (just for me) in my shoe closet! (The creepers come second)

Only few days and it's Christmas already! ☺ Have a merry one, lovies!


  1. i love the books!!! <3


  2. The illustration is awesome. I love Twiggy <3
    x, Lara

  3. Loving your wishlist! I love reading too and you should get the Fifty Shades Trilogy & Black Book of Style for sure! I've read them and they're great books, I also wanna read the Teen Vogue Handbook :)
    Llana x

    1. I definitely will get my copies! Thank you so much, Llana! xx