Polka dot top and gold skirt from secondhand stores, sneakers from Converse.

Photo taken by Markko Rivera

PS. I've been wearing these Chucks to death lately.



Warning: Extreme photo flood ahead!

Velvet stripe dress from secondhand store, sneakers from Converse.

Photos by my friend, Markko Rivera.

Well, I haven't been updating my blog for like forever-- and I am sorry, guys. I should admit, I miss the blogosphere. Third year, specifically second term, at the University was one of a hell-kind situation. Luckily, gone were the days-slash-night that you're only granted sleepless nights and dying days. Third year at the Uni commences in less than a week, so, yay! I can feel the summer already (and means another stagnant blog, bc I have to go out of town). 

PS: My hair's getting longer!!!! Yeahhhh & I wanna be on the beach ASAP.