This is what I get to do when I'm left alone at home and bored. I finally got a chance to take my favorite galaxy blazer out of the closet again! ☺ Anyway, does any of you know what exercise should I do to tone my inner thighs? I've been pigging out lately and my body hates me. Many, many thanks! xx


// SELFIES 101

Photos taken from somewhere far, far, far away.

Goodnight! xx



FedUp spoof shirt stolen borrowed sequestered from La Madre, pants from Motel Rocks and ballet flats from H&M

Just a quick outfit post of what I wore to school earlier today. "Quick" because I am obliged to hit the sack early 'cause I have an internship interview tomorrow morning. *sigh* that means no movie marathon, no zombie mode.. No staying up late. Plus, my body clock is still chaotic. This is unfair. 

Goodnight! xx



She was just lying there—listening over the phone as he plays the guitar and sings that song.

It was perfect; everything was unflawed.

His voice drives her heart on state of frenzy.

She seemed lost for the whole moment. Speechless she is maybe, but the moment deserves no words—only electrified feelings.

She recomposed herself; now back to reality. The dusk turned to dawn; her system won't shut down. Shut down in the form of slumber, not the perpetual shut down of a system.

The memory was still fresh. Every detail of the moment was precisely pictured inside her head. The transitions of every scene were well-remembered. But it must be forgotten, or must it?

She reached for her iPod, put her earphones on and scrolled through the selection of songs. At last, she found it, that song by Sixpence None The Richer, put it on repeat and closed her eyes.

Now, she's certain about one thing. She's in pain.

However, there are fairly enough reasons to hang on.



Apparently, I'm spending most of my summer break time cycling and bumming.



H&M skull cut-out muscle tee and tulips highwaist shorts from Vintage Diaries, and sneakers from Converse

Baguio outfit #2. Changed outfit because my little niece pawed up his dirty little hands at the back of my white sheer blouse, so yeah. Anyway, I braved Baguio's chilly weather (again) and the scrutiny of the nuns and other aliens. Harhar. Mind over matter, I took their constant stares as compliment.



Warning: Photo flood ahead

Sheer top from The Ramp Crossings, tulips highwaist shorts from Vintage Diaries, socks from SM Department Store and sneakers from Converse

First Baguio outfit. Braved the chilly weather with sheer and ultra short shorts.


All photos taken by me

I was on hiatus for a week and it's good to be back in civilization! Serving you here, are some photos from my holiday (taken by yours truly, as stated). Please no stealing in whatever forms---property respect. Anyway, I will be blogging outfit posts prolly by tomorrow. Goodnight! xx

How's everyone while I was away?